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Happy World Coffee Day

Happy World Coffee Day


I work as a Barista at the moment and have interacted with many people on a daily basis. This has allowed me to see the different flavours of people as coffee orders. Let’s unpack that a little…

Written by Bria Aplin

As coffee is such a large aspect of student life, it’s only fitting that we acknowledge the passing of World Coffee Day on 1 October.

I first started my own ‘coffee journey’ with the lowest strength you could get. Eventually I’ve worked my way to the regular strength, and use the caffeine sparingly so it doesn’t lose its impact; I’m not lying when I tell you I get real chatty. Comparatively, my Dad drinks several cups a day to function and he’s not the only one. This has highlighted the difference in people, how each person drinks their caffeine differently, or maybe not even at all and how it speaks to their personality.

As a barista I have interacted with many people on a daily basis, and this has allowed me to see the different flavours of people as coffee orders. Let’s unpack that a little.

Caramel latte fans are often younger and male. Lots of tradies on their way to work at 7-8am in their utes. These guys probably rolled out of bed and straight to where I work because they sometimes grab breakfast too.

Dirty chai latte’s are the go-to caffeine hit for the quiet and really sweet customers of mine. They’re softly mysterious but never rude.

However, if you order a cappuccino you’re most likely the most social coffee drinker. If you order the cappuccino with the added comment ‘no sugar’, you know what you want. Lots of older men grab this one. And bonus fun fact! Cappuccinos in other countries don’t have the chocolate dusting over the top.

Somewhere in between cappuccinos and dirty chai lattes are the white-chocolate mochas. They’re the middle ground between introverted and extroverted. They’re usually pretty unique as well, and I’m willing to bet they have a sweet tooth.

The coffee frappes are popular among our young audience as well; the teenage girls and the occasional middle aged man.

The customers that grab a regular ol’ latte in the morning are somehow always in a rush, it’s the easiest coffee to make and requires little excess effort beyond coffee and milk. For the simple person who drinks coffee for the sake of the extra boost rather than the flavour in my humble opinion.

And last one for today; the long black. I cannot fathom why these people get this type of coffee because it’s just bitter water. But they are the chillest customers I know, very patient and pretty laid back.

I have many more coffee orders to sift through, but I might save it for next year.

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