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Sarah Poulsen

I am a Masters of Teaching student who has a passion for literature in all forms. When I’m not balancing full time work plus a side hustle, you’ll find my pirouetting through a ballet class or roller-skating in the park.

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Taking advantage of the EOFY

As the first session wraps up, and exam season comes to a close, so too does another important time come to an end: the financial year. If this seems like a milestone that isn’t relevant to you, think again. The end of financial year can come with...

So who’s gonna be running our country?

So who’s gonna be running our country?

With the federal election coming up, now it is more important than ever to have an understanding of the workings of Australian politics. However, this can be a pretty complicated business, especially with all the changes in leadership that have been...

What you need to know about voting

What you need to know about voting

With a federal election coming up, for younger uni students this could be your first time voting, or at least your first time voting in a federal election. So here are some quick tips to make the process a bit easier: It’s kind of a big deal...

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Three podcasts you need to be listening to

With all the technology we have available to us, we have loads of entertainment options at any given time. But movies, TV, texting, social media – these all involve a lot of screen time, and other media, such as radio and books, have kind of fallen...

The LDR saga: Together again

There’s no doubt that two months apart is not breaking any records for the longest long distance relationships, but even so, it was a really difficult period of time. Long enough to miss each other painfully, but too short to really get used to the...

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Finding your feet in a new place

One of the great things about CSU is all the wonderful and varied campus locations – from Albury-Wodonga, to the CSU Study Centre in Sydney, to Orange. But this can often mean that to do the course you want in a great location, you have to move away...

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Three warming winter activities

As the weather cools down and winter sets in, the temptation to retreat inside and stay there except for brisk walks to class is very strong. There are very few things that can carry you through the winter chills like being snuggled up in bed with...

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Surviving flu season

As winter hits us hard on all the CSU campuses (and in all the places where online students are learning) the inevitability of colds and flu looms large. We all know the familiar struggles of battling through sniffles, wheezes, and a lingering cough...

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5 DIYs You Can Actually Do

We all know that the concept of doing it yourself is great. You make a reproduction of a really cool product for a tiny portion of the price with an almost identical result. There are thousands of projects out there for every occasion, from hand...

Why I wanted to leave uni and why I’m glad I didn’t

Why I wanted to leave uni and why I’m glad I didn’t

2016 has been one of the hardest years of my life. Between my family, work, my boyfriend moving away, and uni (who knew that three English subjects would equal a lot of reading), my plate was pretty full. I was stressed and busy, but coping. I...

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