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Taking advantage of the EOFY

Taking advantage of the EOFY

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As the first session wraps up, and exam season comes to a close, so too does another important time come to an end: the financial year. If this seems like a milestone that isn’t relevant to you, think again. The end of financial year can come with loads of bonuses for students and those strapped for cash, you just need to know how to make it work for you.

Shop the sales

At this time of year, the abundance of sales is unavoidable, and it can seem a little bit overboard. But from a business’s perspective, the more stock they sell now, they less they have to count. And this rush to sell things equals massive savings for students. Loads of stores have sales of 50 per cent, or even 75 per cent off, so it’s the perfect time to stock up on everything you could possibly need. Stationery and uni supplies, textbooks, homewares, everything you need to survive the next session is on sale. This is also the perfect time to indulge a little bit, and reward yourself for all your hard work by buying yourself a little something special at a bargain price.

Do your tax return

Tax returns have a seriously bad reputation. They’re time consuming, boring, complicated, and one of those things you just never learnt how to do properly. But doing your tax return is really important, and has a seriously great benefit for you. Once you’ve filed your return, you’re going to get a nice cash boost, just as you need to start buying textbooks again. Your tax return can be done online, and if you just take your time and make sure you have all the things you will need with you, like your tax file number, bank account information, your payslips, and any Centrelink information, it’s not too hard! If this all seems too overwhelming for you, you can go to an accountant to help you out, but remember, it will cost you (although that’s an expense you can claim as a deduction next year!).

Apply for jobs

As stores are busy with sales and stocktake, their need for staff rises, so this is the perfect time to apply for jobs. Even those stores who seem to always be overstaffed will be looking for help in this busy period. After all, counting and cataloguing every single item in a store is a huge task. And after you score yourself this job, and impress the boss and all your co-workers with your strong work ethic, time management, and radiant enthusiasm, your end of financial year job may just become a permanent position. Either way, you’ll be earning some much-needed money. Just remember that the kind of businesses that need extra staff for stocktake won’t be your hipster cafes or vintage boutiques, so be prepared to work for large companies and chain stores that have high volumes of stock.

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