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5 DIYs You Can Actually Do

5 DIYs You Can Actually Do

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We all know that the concept of doing it yourself is great. You make a reproduction of a really cool product for a tiny portion of the price with an almost identical result. There are thousands of projects out there for every occasion, from hand stamping your own wrapping paper to creating your own wedding backdrop. But of course, with every project comes a downfall. It will turn out that you need 20 trips to the fabric store and a fancy type of glue to make your own rug, and making your own clay necklace results in a blobs of play dough stuck to a burnt oven tray. As lucrative as it seems, the DIY game can actually be full of disasters. So here are some projects that are near impossible to mess up, even if you are all thumbs.

Make a Cushion
Difficulty: Hard

And I only mean hard in terms of slightly more difficult than the other projects here. If you already know how to use a sewing machine, this will be easy. To make a cushion, all you need to do is sew four straight lines, so even if you don’t know how to sew this is a great way to learn. Bonus points if you decide to insert a zipper as a closure, instead of just hand sewing the last little opening in your cushion. There are loads of tutorials for this online, and eventually you can be making cushions in all colours, shapes, and sizes.

Customise Anything
Difficulty: Easy peasy

For this project, only one supply is required: tape. More specifically, washi tape. You might also know this as paper tape, fancy tape, the tape with all the pictures – but all this means is the cute little rolls of tape that have patterns and pictures printed on their slightly papery surface. With this tape, you can add colour to your phone charger, notebook, or favourite pen. Because of its low level of stickiness, washi tape can also be used to stick up posters and pictures on your walls, or on its own to create whole wall decorations.

Wonderful Whiteboard
Difficulty: Super simple

Although this requires a few supplies you might have to go out of your way for, the result is a very pretty, very useful, completely custom whiteboard. Start with a picture frame you like the size and shape of. If you’re feeling fancy, you can paint the frame in a colour you love. Then you find a pretty patterned piece of paper and insert it where you would normally put a picture. Then you grab a whiteboard marker, and you’re ready to go. The outside of the glass is the perfect surface to write down due dates, birthdays, and anything else important. And you can just wipe your notes away when you’re done.

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