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Enviro-Friendly Beauty Products

Good beauty products tend to be quite expensive and many are full of chemicals that are bad for your skin. This is not to mention all that plastic packaging and shipping that doesn’t do the environment any good. Here are some alternative products...

Succulents: the perfect low maintenance indoor plant

by Loren Howarth I have always loved succulents. They are a low maintenance plant that only require watering once every 2-3 weeks in winter and once a week in summer (perfect for a forgetful uni students). As well as being simple to care for...

illustration of a sewing machine

5 DIYs You Can Actually Do

We all know that the concept of doing it yourself is great. You make a reproduction of a really cool product for a tiny portion of the price with an almost identical result. There are thousands of projects out there for every occasion, from hand...

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