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Sarah Poulsen

I am a Masters of Teaching student who has a passion for literature in all forms. When I’m not balancing full time work plus a side hustle, you’ll find my pirouetting through a ballet class or roller-skating in the park.

Traditional hat toss.

Things you CAN do with an Arts Degree

As I recently discovered on a night out, while minding my own business might I add, that the hardest part of doing an arts degree is fielding all of the questions about what you’re going to do with it and why you are ‘wasting your...


Secret Study Tips No-one Tells You About

Follow Your Nose Who ever said that scented highlighters were only for primary schoolers? Your olfactory senses actually play a huge part in your ability to absorb and retain information, making these rainbow fruit-flavoured delights a justifiable...

Creative Writing class {LIT221}

Picturesque Poetry Picnic @ Wagga Campus

As per usual, exciting things are happening at CSU! This time, it was a unique combination of classwork and creativity at the Wagga Wagga Campus, specifically within the Arts faculty.

A (Mostly) Guilt Free Way of Substituting TV for Study

As uni students, we’re no strangers to procrastination. As due dates and exam season loom large over us, our natural instinct isn’t to study harder or revise our notes, our first course of action is to postpone our work until the last...

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