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Picturesque Poetry Picnic @ Wagga Campus

Picturesque Poetry Picnic @ Wagga Campus

Creative Writing class {LIT221}

As per usual, exciting things are happening at CSU! This time, it was a unique combination of classwork and creativity at the Wagga Wagga Campus, specifically within the Arts faculty.

Creative Writing class {LIT221}During the last class of semester, the 2pm-5pm Creative Writing class {LIT221} left their usual on-campus classroom and set up a poetry picnic to celebrate the end of semester and twelve weeks of superb education in prose and poetry.

The class was made up of a wonderful mix of education students, arts students, single-subject-studiers, and everyone in between.

At the picnic, students talked, ate, drank, and shared the poetry they had been working on for their upcoming assessments.

The ability to organize and hold a poetry picnic serves as a testament to the many benefits of attending a smaller uni. CSU’s smaller class sizes and strong teacher-student relationships enable all students to shape their degree, and their classes, to reflect their needs. The poetry picnic also connected on-campus learning with all of the locations that Wagga has to offer!

The success, and stunning pictures, of the poetry picnic is only one example of the unique benefits that come with attending CSU.

So here’s hoping that the efforts of one Creative Writing class can inspire you to start a conversation in your own classrooms, and get creative on campus!


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