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Secret Study Tips No-one Tells You About

Secret Study Tips No-one Tells You About


Follow Your Nose

Who ever said that scented highlighters were only for primary schoolers? Your olfactory senses actually play a huge part in your ability to absorb and retain information, making these rainbow fruit-flavoured delights a justifiable purchase! Just like how a certain smell can remind you of a memory, certain scents can assist you in remembering the stuff you learnt while you were smelling that sickly-sweet strawberry stationary. Just highlight the back of your hand before an exam, and you’ll be sniffing your way to a HD in no time. The same theory applies to using a certain perfume, or chewing a particular flavour of gum while you study.

Hello Sunshine

Throughout your life, you may have asked yourself the question ‘Why are sticky notes yellow?’ And today I will provide you with the answer. It’s because the colour yellow promotes good memory! Writing your to-do list down on a yellow post-it makes you more likely to remember it. The same applies for writing notes on yellow paper, or using a yellow highlighter in your textbook. Yellow is also a ridiculously cheerful colour, which will no doubt inspire you to smile through the pain of a three thousand word essay.

Orange You Clever?

According to super scientific studies, the scent of orange increases your memory. The great thing about this is that it increases your ability to retain information, making you a more efficient studier. All you have to do is light an orange-scented candle or burn some orange essential oil while you study and you’ll be acing your exams in no time.

The Eyes Have It

Everyone learns in different ways. Some people are tactile learners. Some people are textbook learners. But a whole stack of people are visual learners. This method of learning is super handy, because there are loads of tricks to visual learning that can help you study. The best of these tips is colour co-ordination. If you use the same colour for your book, your headings, your highlighters and your notes, then wear the same colour shirt into your exam it can help you to recall information.

My Place

Never underestimate the importance of the place you study. As comfy as it may be to write your essay from the cuddly folds of your bed, or to revise for an exam by the poolside, the place you study heavily influences your attention and your motivation. Choosing a place that faces a window, or has loads of natural light will help prevent you from feeling trapped or overwhelmed. Having pictures of your goals, like places you want to travel or future careers that interest you, or inspirational quotes will keep you motivated. Decluttering your study area is also essential to giving yourself space to spread out and study without being boxed in by old notes, gum wrappers, unopened mail, or any other junk that tends to migrate towards your study space.

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