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Sarah Poulsen

I am a Masters of Teaching student who has a passion for literature in all forms. When I’m not balancing full time work plus a side hustle, you’ll find my pirouetting through a ballet class or roller-skating in the park.

dollar going into piggy bank

Saving strategies that could work for you

There’s no argument that the stereotype of a uni student being poor is usually quite accurate. Regardless of how we got ourselves into that particular financial predicament, we’re all pretty much in the same boat when it comes to money. Whether it’s...

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More long distance love lessons

So far, my boyfriend and I have been apart for three weeks and four days. Not that I’m counting. But when your days are marked by going to sleep in a bed that’s too big for you and pulling clothes out of a wardrobe that’s half empty, it’s kind of...

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Exercise for the Unmotivated

We all know that exercise is good for you, and there are loads of great benefits for both your mental and physical health. But we also know how hard it is to drag ourselves out of the cosy warmth of our beds for those pesky 9am lectures, let alone...

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Buying gifts on a uni budget

It’s no secret that uni students are usually cash-poor and asset-poorer. It’s hard enough to find the funds to cover textbooks and fees at the start of session, let alone to fund your caffeine addiction or splash out on jugs of cider on Friday...

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Mother’s Day from Miles Away

Mother’s Day can be a pretty complicated time for everyone. Far from being the simple day of breakfast in bed and watching rom-coms while Dad made dinner that it was when we were little, Mother’s Day now means something different to everyone, and no...

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Moving mid-session: how I did it and you can do it better

It’s the nature of renting, really. It can be annoying and uncomfortable, or cosy and creative, but ultimately it’s pretty impermanent. Leases run out. Roommates go rogue and skip out on you. You discover one too many cracks in the wall or there’s a...

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How to Survive A Group Project

Pick Your Partners They say never work with animals or children. Or your friends, who can sometimes act a little like both. Although you may love them in the Crow Bar or on Macca’s runs or at the movies, you plus your friends may not equal the...

What A Long Distance Relationship Taught Me About Love

What A Long Distance Relationship Taught Me About Love

A couple of weeks ago, my boyfriend packed up his stuff, emptied out his drawer in my dresser, and left for his new home in another state. Although this wasn’t the first time we’d spent more than a few days apart, the past few months had...

illustration of a house and garden

Rad rules for first time renters

Renting. Your own place. It’s one of the final frontiers of adulthood. But one that people never really tell you much about. There are so many tricky things to look out for, and no real guide to being a grown up to help you through it. So...

Hot Tips for History Students

History is one of the most popular majors for Arts students, and has a pretty loyal following among Education students – with good reason. It encompasses human nature, politics, ethics, pretty much everything that has ever happened AND you get...

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