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Get inspired to study a Bachelor of Islamic Studies

Get inspired to study a Bachelor of Islamic Studies


Did you know Charles Sturt offers a Bachelor of Islamic Studies? Shantel Hussain shares why she chose to pursue this degree herself and what subjects you will learn along the way. Want to know more? Read below!

Written by Shantel Hussain

Hello, readers!

My name is Shantel, and I am a second-year student pursuing a Bachelor in Islamic Studies.

Today, I’d like to share with you why I chose this route, my experiences along the way, and the interesting things I’ve come across during my uni life!

Shantel’s collection of books!

My decision to study Islamic Studies was motivated by two goals.

First, I wanted to study the Islamic religion to understand my religion better.

Second, earning a degree in this discipline will help me advance towards my ideal job as a secondary education teacher at an Islamic high school.

While undergoing Islamic studies I also have chosen English literature subjects as electives so, after I graduate, I will be able to pursue my Masters in secondary education.

Shantel’s study notes!

Teaching has always been my passion along with reading, writing, and researching, and this course allows me to combine my enjoyment of studying with my desire to educate others.

My university experience has been nothing short of amazing. For example, one of the standout aspects of my experience has been from the support of Charles Sturt.

Especially when it comes to seeking help with assignments, they provide all the right workshops as well as embedded tutors.

While I find all my subjects fascinating, if I was to pick three favourites so far, they would be ISL202 (Foundational Islamic Theology), ISL230 (Methodology of Qur’anic Exegesis), and my a favourite English elective, LIT226 (Romanticism: (R)evolution of the Self).

This course has allowed me to study the Arabic language, including how to read and write it from scratch. This has been both tough but enjoyable.

Looking ahead as I progress in my studies, I am filled with passion for the future. Each day brings new opportunities to learn. My journey is not just about acquiring a degree but about learning the values and teachings that shape my identity as a student of knowledge, a teacher in training, and a life-long learner.

I am confident that this path will lead me to achieve my dreams and make a meaningful impact in the world!

Some things that have helped me being a full-time student is making a weekly timetable and printing out dates of when an assignment is due and ticking it off as I finish. Both of these have helped me go through weeks of studying without forgetting about what I need to get done!

Another would be making sure my study space is always neat and comfortable ready for me to study. Yes if you have seen the photos below, I am a bit of a pen freak and tend to collect them!

Lastly if you are someone who loves to make notes for the texts you are required to read like myself, amazon sells most books for $8. Hence why my book collection has grown a bit too much.

P.S. My favourite book is yellow face, although I’m more of a Dostoyevsky reader.

I hope my uni journey so far inspires yours!

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