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Quickie tutorial: how to find your exam timetable

The end of session is fast approaching and everyone is very busy finishing off final assessments / procrastinating / prepping for exams, in order to achieve some stellar marks. As a student, it is really, REALLY important to record the dates and...

Mind Your Manners: Lectures vs Tutorials

Phones Lectures: So technically, you should never be on your phone while you’re in a class of any kind. But if you’re going to risk it, you have a better chance of getting away with it in a lecture. Especially if you’re in a...

Tutorial: How to enrol in your subjects

There are a lot of new students and continuing students who always face issues enrolling for the upcoming semester. As a CSU student, it’s my responsibility to help my university fellows in any matter and help to make their life easy. When I came to...

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