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An overlooked skill you NEED at uni…

An overlooked skill you NEED at uni…


Are you feeling a little nervous about starting university? Rizwan Sharif has got your back, offering you some hot tips on how to master the university life and ace Session 1 through an important skill set!

Written by Rizwan Sharif

Have you ever wondered how some students effortlessly glide through group projects or nail interviews?

Well, here’s the inside scoop: it’s all about interpersonal communication skills!

Let’s break it down.

Getting the basics down

So, what is interpersonal communication?

It’s more than just talking.

Interpersonal communication refers to the exchange of ideas, messages, information, and feelings between two or more people.

Four types of interpersonal communication can take place:

  • Verbal communication using words
  • Non-verbal communication using body language or any other form
  • Written communication using text messages, emails, or chat
  • Actively listening to others

How to put it in real life?

Here are a few tips for putting interpersonal communication skills into practice in real-life situations:

Surviving Group Projects

Learn to share ideas without sounding bossy, listen to your groupmates (even if they’re all over the place), and resolve conflicts with a bit of chill.

Conflicts happen. But instead of blowing up, find solutions.

Networking Ninja Moves

University is about setting yourself up for the future.

And that means networking.

Whether you’re hitting up a career fair or just chatting at a campus event, being able to hold a conversation without awkward silences is key.

Ace that, and who knows, you might just land the internship of your dreams.

Cultural Savvy

We live in a big, beautiful, diverse world.

So, when you’re chatting with classmates from different corners of the globe, don’t be the one with foot-in-mouth syndrome.

Embrace different perspectives, ask questions, and celebrate the cultural melting pot that is your university.

Listen Up

Seriously, put down the phone and listen. It’s a game-changer.

No Eye Rolls

Master the art of non-verbal communication. Eye rolls are not allowed.

Speak Up

Public speaking is scary, we get it.

Join a club, do a presentation – you got this, but don’t hesitate to ask or speak up whether in the classroom or a group study.

A final note from Rizwan

Interpersonal communication skills are your golden ticket to ace your university life and beyond.

So, work on those skills, make friends, crush those group projects, and become the networking legend you were born to be.

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