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What’s on at Orientation

What’s on at Orientation


Session 1 this year is right around the corner. Charlotte Penhall reveals the latest information on what each campus is up to for orientation 2024!

Written by Charlotte Penhall

It is now less than a month until Charles Sturt’s Orientation Week!

For most on-campus students, Orientation Week 2024 runs from Tuesday the 20th of February to Friday, 23rd of February for all campuses but Dubbo. Dubbo’s Orientation Week runs from Monday, 26th of February to Friday, 1st of March.

For online students, your orientation is from Monday, 12th February to Friday, 23rd February. You will have an online game show on February 12th from 7 to 8:30pm.

If you wish to make the trip online students, you can also attend non-academic, on-campus social events at your nearest campus. I recommend checking on your Student Portal regularly for updates!

For the events listed below, please make sure to register your interest as spots are limited and for some a small fee applies.


Albury-Wodonga students, your Orientation Week events begin with a ‘Welcome Event and Campus Tour’ on the 21st of February. This day will end with ‘Neon Bowling at 3D Lanes’.

The afternoon of the 22nd of February will then move towards a ‘Lazer Tag Challenge’ before finishing with ‘Aussie Icon Trivia and Dinner’.

Then to close out your Orientation Week on the 23rd of February, there will be a free brunch & lunch provided, a ‘Getting Consent and Sexual Assault Awareness Seminar’, and you can get involved in the ‘Picnic and Swim at Albury Weir’ activity.


Bathurst students, your Orientation Week also starts with a ‘Welcome Event and Campus Tour’ on the 21st of February followed by a free lunch.

After some degree information sessions, your afternoon is quite jam-packed! At 3pm, you can either relax with a ‘Paint and Pour’ activity or test your skills in bowling with ‘Neon Ten Pin Bowling’.

Your afternoon could then move towards a ‘Lazer Tag Challenge’ or some ‘Barefoot Bowls’ before grabbing some free dinner at the Food Bowl.

To finish off the night, Bathurst students have the option of going to a ‘C, S, or U Party’ or a ‘Games Night’. Please note that you must be 18+ to attend the ‘C, S, or U Party’.

Thursday the 22nd of February after lunch, students head into a ‘Getting Consent and Sexual Assault Awareness Seminar’. It is important for students to attend this seminar so they are better equipped to know what services are available to help.

Once the seminar is finished, students can head to another relaxing ‘Paint and Pour’ activity or go on a ‘Campus Quest’. Students are then treated to free dinner before getting ready for ‘Drag Bingo with Betty Confetti!’

Orientation Week for Bathurst students finishes with a ‘Paint Run’, a free ‘Orientation Sausage Sizzle Send-Off’, and a casual evening in the Rafters Bar on the 23rd of February.


Dubbo students, your week will start with a ‘Welcome Event and Campus Tour’ on the 26th of February. Afterwards, there are some degree information sessions, and free lunch around 12:30pm.

On Tuesday the 27th of February you are treated to a free morning tea and lunch before you are invited to the Dubbo Aquatic Leisure Centre for a ‘Pool Party!’

On Wednesday the 28th of February you can compete in the ‘Minute to Win it’ challenges to win a prize! Thursday the 29th of February has the ‘Clubs and Market Day’ on campus and ends with a ‘Drag Bingo’ with Ms Penny Tration.


Orange students, your week starts with a  ‘Welcome Event and Campus Tour’ on the 21st of February, during which you will be given an Amazing Race shirt. They are important at the week’s end, so don’t lose them!

You will then be treated to some free lunch and music around 1pm. You can look forward to some ‘Around the World Trivia’ to finish the night.

Thursday the 22nd of February starts with some ‘Yoga Beats’. This will lead to your ‘Getting Consent and Sexual Assault Awareness Seminar’.

After some free lunch and music, you can head over to a ‘Paint and Sip’ activity with a guided instructor. Dinner is covered on Thursday as well. Then, just like Bathurst students, you can also attend a ‘C, S, or U Party’!

The 23rd of February finishes with more ‘Yoga Beats’ in the morning, followed by brunch. Make sure you grab something to eat because this is when you will need to use those Amazing Race shirts you got earlier!

The ‘Amazing Race’ will take teams through Orange, competing against other teams to uncover clues, solve riddles, and complete challenges!

The day will finish with a ‘Chill Out Session’. It is a good time to tell stories and connect with new friends.

Port Macquarie

Port Macquarie students, your Orientation Week also starts with a ‘Welcome Event and Campus Tour’ on the 21st of February. After the tours, you will head into a ‘Getting Consent and Sexual Assault Awareness Seminar’.

Lunch is provided this day as well as afternoon tea. During the afternoon, there are a lot of degree information sessions, so make sure you remember to go to yours! Then, to finish the night, students can attend a ‘Neon Bowling Extravaganza’ at the Wave Bowl.

Thursday the 22nd of February, you can then grab some free lunch before heading to Flynn’s Beach for either ‘Surf Life Saving’, ‘Learning to Surf’, or some ‘Beach Games’.

Once these activities are finished, you can catch the bus back to campus, or if you remember to pack a change of clothes, a ‘Club Tropicana Dinner’ will be served at The Local Flynn’s Beach!

To finish Orientation Week at Port Macquarie on the 23rd of February, you can grab some brunch on campus before heading to play ‘Hydro Golf’ in the morning.

Lunch will be provided on campus around 12pm. You can then catch the bus into town for a ‘Facade Escape Room’ and dinner down on the foreshore. Port Macquarie students can attend their own ‘C, S, or U Party’ at the Beach House on Friday night!  

Wagga Wagga

Wagga Wagga students start their Orientation Week with a ‘Welcome Event and Campus Tour’ on the 21st of February.

When your tours conclude, you can grab some lunch before heading to the ‘Charlie Pop-Up Store’ to grab your uniforms for placements and class (if required for your degree) and check out some Charles Sturt merch.

After a full afternoon of degree information sessions, make sure to grab some dinner before a ‘Comedy Jam’!

Thursday the 22nd of February there will be a ‘Pool Party’ around 12pm.

Students can then head to a ‘Throwback Thursday’ event at the Crow Bar involving denim and trivia or take advantage of a ‘Games Night’. Please note that the ‘Throwback Thursday’ event is an 18+ event.

Then, to finish Orientation Week on the 23rd of February, brunch is provided to students before they head over to a ‘Paint Party!’ Make sure to wear something white!

Then, to make sure your Orientation Week goes out with a bang, Thirsty Merc will be rocking out at the Crow Bar!

Charlotte Penhall after a paint party!

What to do next?

Take a break. These coming weeks are going to be pretty full on. Make sure you look after yourself.

I also recommend keeping an eye on events with limited spots. People can pull out at the last minute, so be ready to jump on events you may have missed!

Ask your Orientation Week Coordinators if you have any questions during Orientation Week. They introduce themselves at the start of the week.

As some final words of advice, be ready for a great week. I’m sure you will have a blast!

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