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The Enviro Club

Happy World Environment Day! Let's recognise the achievement of our very own Enviro Club and learn how you can join today! (Top tip: anyone can join!).

What’s on at Orientation

Session 1 this year is right around the corner. Charlotte Penhall reveals the latest information on what each campus is up to for orientation 2024!

Getting mentally prepared to return to uni

It's that time of year already! Are you starting your mental prep to return to uni and feeling a little overwhelmed? Look no further than this helpful and seasoned advice from Victoria Prince.

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Make sure your voice is heard when it counts

You’ve probably seen the headlines about the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey, but now is the time to act and make sure your voice counts. The survey is designed to collect statistical information about whether Australians believe same-sex...

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Why there is no stereotypical uni student

Oh student life! We sleep all day, party all night and only study the night before our exams begin, right? Well actually, I don’t do that. And neither do the majority of the people in my degree. In fact, most university students don’t have that...

CSU fundraisers proudly hold a cheque to be donated to charity

Students raise more than $120 000 for charity

Fellow CSU students showed their generosity as they raised a record amount of money for local, national and international charities in 2016. An impressive fundraising total of $120 822.80 was donated to charities, including the Royal Flying Doctor...

Are you paying for your banking?

Are you paying for your banking?

There are a numerous ways financial institutions could be charging you for services. The amounts might seem small and not worth worrying about, but added together could represent a spending leak that creates a hole in your budget. And let’s...

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