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Getting mentally prepared to return to uni

Getting mentally prepared to return to uni


It’s that time of year already! Are you starting your mental prep to return to uni and feeling a little overwhelmed? Look no further than this helpful and seasoned advice from Victoria Prince.

Written by Victoria Prince

As the decorations disappear and the last echoes of the New Year’s fireworks fade into the distance, there’s a universal truth for all students; it’s time to shift gears from holiday mode to hitting the books!

Whether you’re a seasoned academic warrior or a commencing student, mentally preparing for the upcoming year is not just about getting back into the groove but also keeping our sanity intact 😅

Here are some handy tips below to help you get back into the daily grind.


Diving into the mental prep game for your grand return to university calls for a bit of introspection.

Take a chill moment to rewind through your past semesters.

Celebrate the wins – what soared high on the success meter?

Now, let’s get real with ourselves – any procrastination experts in the house? 👀

Identifying both the gold star moments and those ‘could’ve done better’ chapters will become your compass for laying down the groundwork.

It’s all about identifying and curbing those pesky habits early on, setting the stage for a semester that’s not just good, but downright awesome!

Set realistic goals

Now, let’s talk game plan!

As you gear up for the upcoming academic term, it’s time to channel your inner goal-setter.

Whether it’s conquering that brain-busting course, diving headfirst into a club scene, or becoming the maestro of time management – let’s get those goals crystal clear.

Having tangible objectives isn’t just a vibe, it’s the secret ingredient that gives your efforts direction and purpose.

And here’s a pro tip: chop those big goals into bite-sized, doable tasks.

It’s all about making the journey less like climbing Everest and more like a stroll in the park.

Let’s make those academic dreams a reality!

Establish a routine

Time to master the art of routine – trust me, it’s a game-changer!

Picture this: as the academic year kicks off, life often turns into a wild ride of activities and responsibilities.

But fear not, because crafting a weekly schedule is your secret weapon.

Think classes, study sessions, a sprinkle of self-care, and of course, a dash of social shenanigans.

This well-structured routine isn’t just about keeping the chaos at bay – it’s your golden ticket to stability.

Stay organised, kiss stress goodbye, and watch your productivity soar.

Let’s turn that academic hustle into a well-choreographed dance!


While it’s crucial to keep your eyes on the prize of academic success, don’t forget to give your well-being the VIP treatment.

University life, with all its demands, can be a real marathon.

But here’s the deal – neglecting your mental and physical health is like playing with fire; it leads straight to burnout city.

So, my friend, here’s the key: incorporate breaks, a bit of exercise, and moments of pure relaxation into your weekly routine.

Consider it your recipe for recharging those batteries and keeping that delicate balance in check while also giving you something to look forward to.

You deserve it! 🌟


A final note

Wrapping it up, returning to university is like preparing a five-star dish. Stir in a generous helping of reflection, a dash of positive thinking, sprinkle some achievable goals, establish a routine, and don’t forget to season it with a supportive network!

You’ve got the tools in your academic toolbox to tackle challenges head-on and savour every opportunity that’s about to unfold.

So, here’s to 2024 and the adventure ahead 🚀🎓

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