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How to Show Passion in a Job Interview

How to Show Passion in a Job Interview

Job interviews are tricky to navigate. One element to achieving success in an interview is to demonstrate passion and commitment to the role and the company.

How do you Convey Passion?

It is difficult to remain authentic when conveying passion if you get nervous in interviews. One way on achieving this balance is to adapt your response by delving into the why.

Usually in many instances we communicate what we do in role and how we achieved objectives. Integrating the why is one component of communicating passion through your interview. Interviewees can demonstrate why they completed tasks or why they decided to go into a particular field within an industry. 

Passion Starts With You

Passion can be established during a job interview by sharing the things that you like to do. For example, if you are applying for a job within the veterinary sector, you can explain about a time you set up a program within your work, uni or community that supported wildlife.

Another option is to share times when you have created something that has benefited your company or whether you’ve improved upon an already existing feature or processes in an assignment.

Volunteering = Passion

Nothing speaks passion louder than where you have spent your free time. Volunteering is a great way to express your interest and commitment to an area or industry. It is also a way where you can let your talents and skills shine through in your achievements and results. Meeting key stakeholders, working with others and completed set tasks before deadline can have an immense impact in demonstrating passion within a job interview and in an industry. 

Where Can I Gain Volunteer Experience?

A simple online search can reveal places nearby that employ volunteers. Otherwise, calling or sending emails to potential organisations or companies that you are interested in can reveal hidden opportunities.  

By demonstrating your passion during a job interview, it will help show potential employers your drive and keenness to work for their company whilst highlighting your skills. Check out the Charles Sturt University Career Development page for assistance in finding your dream job. 

Good luck on your search!  

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