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From wanting to drop out of uni to living my dream

From wanting to drop out of uni to living my dream


Are you feeling stressed this session or ever considered dropping out? Think before you do, staying at uni might just lead you to finding exactly where you’re meant to be…

Written by Lauren Bridgfoot

Despite loving my current career path and completing my degree, this didn’t always feel like a possibility.

My second year of university was so full of adversity and challenges that I was fully prepared to drop out and find another career to pursue.

Second year of uni was meant to be the ‘new beginning’.

Oh, how this was wrong…

Not even a month into the new session and I caught the COVID-19 virus for the first time.

My god did it screw up my plans to be an academic weapon.

It put off my assessments so much that I couldn’t keep them from becoming a domino effect.

The classes were content heavy enough without having to get extensions for the assessments, so it soon became incredibly overwhelming.

It was around this time that the work-life balance was tipped far towards work, with limited endorphin pumping activities.

It got to the point where I had told my parents ‘I’m done. I’m dropping out. Let’s look at other options’.

But there was that little voice in the back of my head saying ‘you’re half-way through, just wait a little longer’.

Lauren on her 1st placement.

And somehow, like some divine intervention, I was given an opportunity to live one of my life-long dreams, having unlimited access to horse riding.

I didn’t know if this was going to be a long-term arrangement, but I soon realised this was what I had been missing, that thing to look forward to each week.

I hadn’t realised just how important that study-life balance was.

That second session of second year turned out to be one of the best times of my life and most life changing.

Not only was I living my horse-girl dream, but the horse’s owner (shout out to Joe!) pushed me outside my comfort zone and made me take new opportunities – allowing me to develop on a much more personal level.

I was meeting new people, discovering new places, and learning to be myself on a different level. After the semester finished, I went on my first placement, and soon found my passion for working with people and horses.

Lauren on her second placement.

With this newfound passion and interest, I completed my second placement with Charles Sturt at the intensive schools and it only grew from there.

I knew I wanted to work as a lecturer or coach, introducing people to the equine industry.

Early in third year one of my lecturers told me that Honours was a great entry into lecturing, and honestly, it scared me.

As a first year I swore I’d never do Honours, that I didn’t like science enough for that.

Well… times change.

I’m enrolled and jumping in head-first.

And on the side, I’m continuing to develop my skills and passion by coaching beginner riders and loving every minute.

Moral of the story: you never, ever know where you’re going to end up. Take every opportunity, it might just lead you to a future you never considered.

Lauren persevered and now has a New Grad job!

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