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Navigating the Path to Your Dream Career

Navigating the Path to Your Dream Career


You’ve been focused on getting to and through uni, but are you ready for your career? There’s something for everyone at the upcoming Charles Sturt Careers Festival! Ethan shares his experience with the Careers Team and why the Festival will help him get on his dream career path!

Written by Ethan Knox-Sheen

Before starting session one of study, I decided I wanted to have a goal and something to aspire to, to help me complete my studies.

As this is my final year of university, and after the countless hours completing course work, readings, attending lectures, assignments and studying for exams I knew it was time for me to transition from focusing solely on academics to channelling my career options.

It was time to be proactive, as I wanted every opportunity possible in finding my dream career.

So, this was my goal. However, with this thought I actually didn’t know where to start and what to do.

Looking over countless job roles was quite daunting, and I really did not know where to begin. Therefore, I sought guidance from the Careers Team at Charles Sturt University.

First, we talked about my interests and what I enjoyed in my degree and this helped me decide on a career path in marketing.

Secondly, they helped me refine my resume to showcase my skills and experiences effectively. This allowed me to look at job roles in a new light – things that reflected my interests and the experience they required.

Charles Sturt Wagga campus.

From here, we determined that I needed to add more marketing experience to my portfolio which led me to apply for the student ambassador role at the university.

I sought work experience from their social media team to gain the skills I needed for my resume to truly pop for employers.

The Careers Team also expressed the importance in keeping an eye on job opportunities and they showed me where to look.

One place is the Charles Sturt Jobs Board – it’s such a valuable resource as employers can post job listings specifically targeted towards university students. They vary from full-time, part-time, casual, internships through to graduate programs.

Charles Sturt jobs board webpage.

I also learned that is another valuable site showcasing an array of job opportunities and resources. These resources not only made job searching easier, but also gave me peace of mind knowing where and how to look. 

I also learned that getting involved in the community is a vital way to enhance career readiness and my own personal development.

One meaningful way I have chosen to do this is by signing up for the Mother’s Day Classic fun run in May and fundraising money to support breast cancer research.

Not only does this cause hold personal significance to me, it will also be fulfilling a connection to the community, provide networking opportunities, skill development and valuable personal development like empathy and cultural awareness which will all assist me in becoming job ready.

Lastly, I learned about the upcoming Charles Sturt Careers Festival, which will be an excellent opportunity to connect with potential employers, explore graduate programs, and gain industry insights.

Charles Sturt Careers Festival 2024 webpage.

I will definitely be attending to see what opportunities are available to me.

And with all these steps in place (and a couple more to take) I’m certain that I’ll be ready when opportunities present themselves, and I will reach my goal of finding my dream career.

For more information on the Charles Sturt 2024 Careers Festival click here.

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