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How to Study During a Sweltering Heatwave

How to Study During a Sweltering Heatwave

Summer might be rounding out for 2020 but that doesn’t mean that the odd heatwave won’t come about.

And with semester 1 coming up in just a week or so, here are a few ways to study successfully whilst staying cool no matter where you are.

The Library

If you are studying on campus, head to the library for the cool air, comfy seats and the added benefit of quiet.

The library is a good place to go as it is open long hours and if you study off campus it is open during the day. It is a place that will definitely beat the heat.

The only tip here is to head out early to secure your spot as the library gets very busy during the day.


Sometimes getting to the library is not an option. If this is the case for you, then never fear a fan can be your next best choice.

When purchasing a fan look for one that has steel blades. Unlike plastic blades on some fans, the steel blades are able to push cool air instead of the summer heat towards you. In addition, steel fans are more powerful and can keep you cooler. 

Wet Towels

If you can only get your hands on a plastic fan, there is a trick that will help you stay cool whist you study. Get a small towel and wet it with cold water or after soaking the towel in water place it in the freezer for a few moments.

Place the towel around your neck and position your fan to blow directly onto you. The combination of a cool wet towel and fan will make you feel much cooler and let you have some relief from the sweltering heat.  

Waking Up Early

If you like getting up early here is a trick for you! Unfortunately, if you are a night owl than you might want to at least consider this option for its practicality.

Getting up early allows you to study before the sun has risen. Letting you work with the coolness from the night before. This tip is worth trying as it won’t be as warm as it will be during the day.  

We hope these tips provide you with some relief from the summer heat, enabling you to study more and do well once term resumes! Good luck! 

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