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Perks of going home over summer

Perks of going home over summer

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Going home over summer can be helpful to take time to relieve stress and move at a slower pace, without the pressure of assessments and exam deadlines. It’s a great opportunity to get back in touch with life outside of Uni, so I’ve listed my favourite things about going home: 

Visit places old and new.

There’s nothing like going back to your favourite café, restaurant, park, thinking spots and anywhere you may have once gone because you were so comfortable just being there.

If you’re keen to move on, you can also visit new places. Change is constantly happening and new establishments always open. Explore the new places in your old home. It will be refreshing to try new things in a place where everything seems to stay the same!

Take a trip down memory lane.

Organise a mini-reunion with your old friends. This is an opportunity to catch up with friends that you may not see anymore. Reminisce that past, share the present and make plans to do new things together when you’re all free! Lifetime friends are the best and you’ll feel encouraged remembering where you all came from.

Family time.

You may see your family more regularly than friends but you may not have spent as much quality time with them with all the assessments, travelling and hanging out with others throughout the year. A healthy dose of family time can always help reduce stress. Family know how to make you feel better and remind you of why you are working hard instead of just going through the motions!

Just do it.

You know all those things that you think about doing but just don’t have the time for? Well, now’s the time to do it! Learn how to cook, sew, join a painting class or maybe learn how to dance. It could be something that you’ve always been curious about, a random skill or even something to boost your professional development. 

Hit up local events.

If you’re home town loves community, check out the local events while you’re there. Whether it’s a community barbecue or youth centre activities, you’ll get to meet new people that you can catch up with next time you’re home!

Time to relax.

Don’t neglect having some me-time. Lay down on your old bed, watch your favourite TV shows and finally take that huge sigh of relief that only home can bring to you. 

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