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Graduating this year? Here are financial tips to help you with the next stage!

Graduating this year? Here are financial tips to help you with the next stage!

Money is a big deal, I mean, we can’t survive without it right? It’s not that easy to save and spend wisely while looking for full-time work or juggling casual positions once you’ve graduated. So, here are some financial tips to help you through the next stage:

Survival needs

Make a list of things you need to live, such as rent, electricity, groceries, petrol/public transport, phone etc. This will help you see your regular, ongoing expenses that you need for everyday life. Use this list to draw up a realistic budget for yourself. 

Unnecessary spending

It might be a slap in the face, but look at the recent spending in your bank account. How much of it is spent of daily coffee or lunch? Perhaps start packing lunch from home. Give yourself a weekly spending allowance for better management, rather than just tapping your card away.

Personally, I give myself a weekly allowance of $40 and any money I don’t spend rolls over to the next one as a little treat for myself.

Savings equal rewards

While it is good to save, don’t live in misery! By putting away $50 fortnightly, you can save over $1 000! This can be used for a plane ticket or spent on something you’ve always wanted. This gives you the opportunity to experience and enjoy life without always being broke. 

Invest in yourself

List all of the big things you want to have – a house, car, wedding or even your own business. These life goals will keep you in check and motivated to save. You can now afford to dream big! 

Say no to your credit card

This ensures that you don’t spend money that you do not have! It would also be good to allocate ‘in case of emergency’ money for unexpected costs. I put away $10 per week, so if I lost a key and needed a replacement, I have money for it.

Take these tips on board to stay in control of your money and get the most out of your career!

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