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How to get motivated to get fit

How to get motivated to get fit

What’s more exciting than exercise? A lot! The word itself has the power to make you feel physically exhausted. Whether it’s to look good or stay healthy, these 6 tips will help you get motivated and fit!

  1. Mind over Matter –

The hardest part is starting, so change your mindset to begin your personal journey towards fitness. Turn negative groans into positive encouragements! Don’t search for excuses, search for reasons.

  1. Get Yo Kit –

Admit it, just putting on active wear makes you feel like an Olympian. We’ve all seen (or potentially are) someone who wears the gear to look the part but suspiciously is never seen exercising. But if we look the part, we feel the part too so buy yourself some gear and use it! Low key cotton on body is life.

  1. Slow and Steady –

The first time is always the hardest, so don’t start with an intensive workout that’s going to discourage you. Start with something simple that you can build on. Try things like:

  • Easy but paced walks
  • Jogging intervals
  • Yoga
  • Bike riding
  1. Do something you actually enjoy –

If going to the gym or even going for a jog makes you cringe, choose something else. If swimming is more your style, put on your togs and get into it! There’s plenty of activities we can do that build up our fitness and strength.

  1. Setting Goals –

Setting yourself weekly goals will motivate you to keep at it, while simultaneously building up your fitness! Use it to break the stagnant exercise patterns you follow.

  1. The Bigger Picture –

Remember the amazing health benefits of exercise, physically and mentally. This really pushed me through my fitness journey. Allow yourselves 20 minutes to an hour of exercise a few times a week to benefit your mind! Some examples of the ways in which it can aid our mental health:

  • Sharper memory and thinking
  • Better sleep
  • More overall energy
  • More focused
  • Endorphins being released
  • Relieves tension and stress
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