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Easy lunch ideas for Uni

Easy lunch ideas for Uni

by Loren Howarth

Over time, buying lunch at uni can become pretty expensive. So, why not save some money and take your own? These lunch ideas are easy, absolutely delicious and come with their own money saving tips!

Quick food ideas:

Jar Salads

Not only are jar salads healthy, they are also super tasty and can fit easily in your bag. Grab a mason jar and pour your favourite dressing in the bottom (this means everything else won’t become soggy). Then layer carbs, either noodles, rice, potato or anything else that tickles your fancy. Next comes your protein of choice – think meat, tofu, or fish followed by veggies.

Suggestions: Mason Jar Burrito BowlAsian Noodle Salad JarChicken Cob Mason Jar Salad.


There is so much variety with wraps and everything just tastes so delicious and fresh. They’re easy to make in advance and are great for a quick bite in class or around campus. Here are some of our favourite combinations, but don’t be afraid to try your own mix of ingredients!

Suggestions: Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato WrapsChicken and Salad Wraps,Teriyaki Beef Wraps.



Sandwiches have to be one of the most underrated lunch foods going. There are endless combinations to create and you can make it the night before or quickly in the morning before class. Even better, you can use leftovers from dinner to make a new delicious sandwich combo.

Suggestions: Chicken sandwiches, Chicken parmigiana sandwich, Ham salad sandwich, Summer salad sandwich.



I mean, who doesn’t LOVE pasta? Not only is it absolutely delicious, but pasta is so easy to make and will leave you feeling full too. Go full fancy and make something special or simply add some tomato pasta sauce to your cooked pasta of choice. And you don’t have to eat it cold at uni either – warm it up in one of the microwaves!

Suggestions: Chicken and chorizo pesto pasta, Eggplant and chilli pasta, Sausage pasta bake, Spaghetti Bolognese.


Spend less on food:

  1. Plan. Write a shopping list and plan your meals before you shop so you only get what you need and stay on budget.
  2. Budget. Check the prices of what’s on your list online to work out how much you’ll spend and only take enough cash so you don’t go over.
  3. Eat first. It’s a rookie error to shop while you’re hungry. You’ll be more likely to buy less if you have a full stomach.
  4. Bulk it. Buying in bulk is not only cheaper, but will also have you shopping less. And opt for generic items, over branded ones.
  5. Leftovers. Freeze a large batch of meals to last the week and save yourself from being tempted by takeaway or fast food.

You’ll be eating well for less in no time! Plus, if you’re not sure how to start saving or have some financial questions, make an appointment with the Student Liaison Officer (Finance) now.

This is an SSAF funded initiative
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