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Rest your way to success this term

Rest your way to success this term

Pulling all-nighters to get your sociology essay in, or cramming for tomorrow’s psych exam does not have to be the route to that coveted high-distinction. Rather than pushing harder, try working smarter! Check out my strategies for being well-rested and primed to tackle the next half of this session:

  1. Flip it. Rather than slog on at 11.30pm when your body is screaming for sleep, give yourself a cut-off point, say 10pm, and CLOSE your laptop.
    Instead, get up early when you are more refreshed and better able to concentrate.
    You will get more done in a shorter amount of time to boot.
  2. Take back nap-time. A short energy boosting nap of 20 minutes or less can help you reset for an afternoon of study.
    Turbo-charge this hack by drinking a coffee before you doze off and you will wake up better able to tackle that pesky reference list.
  3. Take breaks. Like actual breaks, NOT checking social media breaks.
    Put down the tech and give your mind a rest.
    A walk around campus, a few stretches or even closing your eyes and listening to a favourite piece of music can help revive you.
    Breaks give your mind space to consolidate information and come up with new ideas.
  4. Meditate. Deep meditation has been proven to have similar impacts on the body as sleep.
    Improve your focus by taking a couple of mediation breaks per day.
    Find a guided meditation on YouTube and set a reminder on your phone.
    Regular meditation can also help you feel calm, centred and focused prior to that big exam.
  5. Schedule a day off. This can be hard to do with a full study load, work, social and family commitments, but blocking out a whole day on a regular basis will prevent you from burning out.
    Focus on activities that are restorative, nourishing and restful.
    Think: sleep-in, a great book, big pot of soup, naps and maybe a yoga class!
    Figure out what really replenishes you and book yourself a day of unapologetic self-care.
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