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Put your well-being first

Put your well-being first

by Amy Carlon

Juggling university, work and your personal life sometimes feels like you have no time left to take care of yourself. Although it can be hard, the key is to take a step back and make sure you’re looking after your own health too. Here are some tips to take care of your well-being, leaving time for everything else in your life, even if it is to complete a 5000 word essay. Due tomorrow.

Drink water

An obvious one, I know. Ask yourself if you think you’re having the required amount of water a day, what would the answer be? It’s an easy thing to forget, especially if you lead a busy life. But you’ll feel so energised by staying on top of your water intake, so keep a bottle with you at all times. That way you’ll be reminded to keep topping up throughout the day.

What you put in, is what you get out

I’ll admit I love a treat every now and then, especially chocolate. But it’s amazing how much better making the swap to healthy snacks such as fruit will make you feel. Watermelon is a personal favourite during summer, especially if you pick the perfect one. Even if you think you can’t give up chocolate, opt for a darker option.


There are moments when you just want to sit back and relax, especially if it’s a 40 degree day with a pool right beside you. But exercising will only take up 30 minutes of your entire day (practically nothing). You’ll love yourself after it too. Go for a short walk each day, do some laps in that pool or hit the gym and you’ll be thanking yourself for making the time.


Finally, make time to spend with your friends and family – laughter is the best medicine. You could even hit two birds with one stone and invite them to your daily walks or gym session. The company will make it more enjoyable plus they’ll probably be good motivation.

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