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#BetterInRed: Reflections of a Red Runner – Wes

#BetterInRed: Reflections of a Red Runner – Wes

CSU in Wagga Wagga, Red Runner Wes.
CSU in Wagga Wagga, Red Runner Wes. Image: CSU Social Media

Wes Boney is the Wagga Wagga campus’ very own Red Runner and he’s taken to the #BetterInRed challenge like a duck to water.

His call to action is – be bold, stand tall and get out there and try!

Here are his reflections on the past four weeks.

We’re now in Week 4 of the #BetterInRed Challenge and I’m loving being a part of something that challenges me, connects me with new people and allows me to smile, breathe and go slowly. Whether you’ve been working out for years, months or (like me) are just starting out, #BetterInRed is for everyone.

When I received all the information about this program, my first reaction was I didn’t know if it could fit in with my schedule. I’m in my final year of university, juggling assignments, family and friend commitments plus trying to find a little time for myself to relax and figure out where I’m going in life.

Even though I’m young and apparently have all the time in the world, I really don’t have time. Time is in short supply! So ironically that’s why I signed up to be a Red Runner, so I’d have to make time for exercise and do the #BetterInRed challenge. It’s certainly different for me and I’m pushed out of my comfort zone but it’s rewarding too. This goes not just for me, but for everyone that’s getting involved with #BetterInRed.

I’m not fit as I would like to be but I’m working on it thanks to the challenge. I love food and is that a crime? No! But it does make it tricky to always make healthy choices, especially when you’re busy with uni.

We have classes to attend, assignments to do and exams to prepare for. Now add in a workout, preparing a healthy meal, then some sleep and it’s easy to run out of time and make excuses. There are only 24 hours in a day and university comes first. Maintaining a perfect balance is a task that I haven’t figured out yet. But I’m beginning to realise that making time for some exercise can help with concentration and motivation to study.

Thanks to #BetterInRed, I found a start. A way to break into exercising. I’ve learnt that preparation is key! Plan your week and begin slowly. Trying to fit in exercise for 30 minutes, 3 times a week is quite achievable if you break down the 30 minutes into sections.

On the Wagga Wagga campus, the #BetterInRed followers are a small group but we’re growing and gaining momentum. Like all things, it’s little but seeing students show up and getting active, is amazing.  If I only see one other person getting something out of this, then that’s a positive outcome.

Health and fitness is important to everybody. In life, these two components go hand in hand. A healthy life minimises medical risks, you live longer, and feel better with more energy and you might even sleep better. Overall, it brings you to a healthier state of mind. And this state of mind, can help fight depression, block negative thoughts and bring out a more positive you.

We are all on a journey to live, love and shine. The #BetterInRed challenge provides me with the knowledge and the motivation to thrive and be a little better every week. Time is truly short, you can’t delete your past, but you can write your future. Be bold, stand tall and get out there and try.

Come along to the weekly activity on your campus. Join the challenge and be ready to smile!

#BetterInRed is all about getting the most out of university life by looking after your health and wellbeing. It is an exercise challenge that will run for eight weeks from Monday 6 March.

So, lace up, get out and challenge yourself to complete 30 minutes of exercise three times per week. Share your exercise using #BetterInRed and you could win some great prizes!

Find out more at social.csu

This is an SSAF funded initiative
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