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Three tips for summer survival

Three tips for summer survival

Moving home for the summer: survival tips
Moving home for the summer: survival tips. Image: CSU Image

After spending eight months living away from home and having your friends with you 24/7, it can be hard moving back home for the summer. Living on a farm my whole life meant I had to adjust when moving to live in a vibrant city for uni. It also meant that by the time I finally adapted to living in a city, it was time to transition back to farm life for the uni holidays. If you’re struggling living without your best friends by your side, and instead being told what to do all over again, here are some survival tips to get you through the summer.

  1. Respect

When you moved out of home, it wasn’t just a big change for yourself. Your family had to adapt to one less person in the house. It’s a big step to be moving back in with your family, so don’t forget to respect their home and they’ll respect you in return.

Appreciate your parents. They didn’t have to let you move back in for the summer, but they did. They do so much for you when you’re at home, you’ll have a home cooked meal every night, no dishes, or your own laundry to do. Appreciate this luxury, as it won’t last forever. Give them a hand too, they’ll love having you home if you show them you’ve grown up since you left and actually can take care of yourself. You could even cook them a meal or two or hang out a load of washing!

  1. Enjoy

You may not realise until you actually move out of home, but you will miss your family like crazy. They can push your buttons that’s for sure, but you wouldn’t have it any other way. They also ask one million questions, but remember how much you miss them when they aren’t around. Don’t take the time for granted that you spend with them.

  1. Find space

Make time to get out of the house, whether it’s reading a book outside, exercising or spending time with friends. Don’t live on top of each other – this will not end well. Allow for family time, allow time to yourself and allow time with your friends. Giving each other space is key to avoiding fights and getting sick of each other one week in.

Most of all, remember to have fun, uni holidays don’t last long. Cherish not having to spend your days filled with studying or attending three hour long lectures and pracs #dowehavetogoback?

By Charmaine Kember

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