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CSU online student studying in a cafe.

A day in the life of an online student

Having previously studied on campus, the concept of studying online was daunting at first. Now I have my moments of reflection when I’m sitting at my desk, listening to my recorded lecture, in my pyjamas, with a hot milo. It’s then I realise that...

Girl talking on the phone.

Why it’s important to maintain your contacts

Remember that travel agent that told you to book a trip through them next time and you’ll get a great deal? Can you remember their name? Or do you know where they work now? What about their business card – did you hang onto it? No? Don’t worry – we...

CSU Online Red Runner Gab.

#BetterInRed: Reflections of a Red Runner – Gab

Gabrielle Wilson, better known as ‘Gab’, is the Red Runner for online students and is on a mission to inspire others like her to join #BetterInRed from wherever they are. She’s a pro at juggling work, study and exercise into an already very full...

Cartoon people sitting on a beach towel with refreshments

Summer break: expectation vs reality

OK – so your summer plans sounded a little like this: Catch up with friends Get a job Save money Get a summer body Work on your tan Catch up on TV shows But sadly, they didn’t turn out like this. Instead, you’ve most likely spent your days sleeping...

Girl holding jar full of coins for adventures

Ways of making money to avoid

Trying to balance the demands of uni, bills and filling your tummy can often leave you tempted by quick financial fixes. But be careful with how you cut back. While there are handy money making tips that work, there are also some to avoid. Instead...

two students on bungee ride

Study, work and fun – you can do it all!

Let’s face it. University can be hard sometimes. Not only that, but majority of us are juggling study with working part-time. Then there is the part where we are meant to exercise for half an hour every day, and eat healthy – which can involve...

The mid year break has arrived!

The mid year break has arrived! This session has been a wild ride for all of us, and a well-earned break could not have come any sooner. It’s a long break, with exams finishing on June 19 and on campus classes not commencing again until July...

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