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Job application mistakes to avoid

Job application mistakes to avoid


Applying for a job is something we all have to do but sometimes our nerves get the better of us! So, use this checklist to put your best foot forward and be on track for your dream career:

Get online and google yourself.

Whether we’ve published it or not, who we are is posted in more places than we know online. So, it’s a good idea to do a quick check for what comes up when you search yourself and consider how this might be perceived by a future employer.

Avoid a HR representative finding your account with a wild, unflattering profile picture!

Think suitable and achievable.

It sounds obvious but applying for a job that suits your experience and level is essential. We all need to start somewhere and executive level isn’t it!

Avoid missing the perfect opportunity to showcase everything you have to offer.

Have a close look at the essential criteria and address this in your cover letter, don’t be shy and explain ways you have gained knowledge and experience.

Put yourself out there.

Study is the basis of what we do, employers also want to see how we’ve seized opportunities to grow and expand our experience in the field.

Avoid having a minimal CV by taking on internships, industry events, volunteering and start networking.

Know yourself.

Avoid applying for everything out there, instead direct your energy towards the jobs you want! Remain open to other possibilities but prioritise the part of your industry that you are most interested in.

Jobs are like stepping stones and can get us to where we want to go, so be open and search wide because an opportunity may just be waiting there for you.

Nail that application.

Check twice, get second opinions and keep trying! Spelling mistakes, sentences that don’t make sense and not providing requested information can get in the way of nailing a dream job.

Avoid the easy mistakes by getting a friend, family member or careers advisor to check everything before submission!

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