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Land your dream job before graduation

Land your dream job before graduation

Studying is a journey of learning, a path towards knowledge and growth. It is the way to finding our future selves – including seeing ourselves in our dream job.

We have all heard the stories of people who have fallen accidentally into a job but for most of us we need to target it. So, here are five ways to get there before graduation arrives:

1. Know your dream

Really have a think about what your dream job is and why. We can easily slip into thinking that we need to hold steadfast to the thing we set out to do but changing your mind is okay!

Research experts in your field and keep a note of the bits that you love in your studies. Sometimes what we enjoy the most isn’t what we thought we’d love.

2. Network

Find out if there are potential Facebook groups for your industry that you could join. Also, try and make it to conferences and other industry events. By putting your name forward, you become an active part of your field and increase your chances of meeting future employers.

This experience will also give you a sense of who the key players are and what new technologies, ideas and incentives are out there.

3. Work now

Internships, casual work and contracts can all lead to full-time employment. Think of your dream job as a destination, you need a way to get there! Every bit of experience puts you in a better seat to nail that dream job.

4. Seek a mentor

Mentors offer knowledge and insight into your industry and support your journey of growth. Mentors also come with a bank of contacts and all the know-how when it comes to employment.

Remember a mentor doesn’t have to live in your town or be in the exact same industry, they just have to be a safe person to guide you.

Find out more here: Get a mentor in preparation for Graduation

5. Go get it!

Stay in the loop with all the major work engine searches, you may even consider setting up an auto update, so the new jobs under an advanced search are emailed to you.

Remember that there is nothing stopping you from applying before you graduate – some workplaces will take you ahead of graduation, with flexible arrangements so that you can finish studying while you work.

Every job you apply or interview for is more experience to get you closer to your goals in your dream career!

This is an SSAF funded initiative
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