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young female leaning on pile of books

Here are the best ways to stay more organised at university

A full study load means a full assessment load, a full textbook load and a full exam preparation load. While we may feel organised going into our next session at university, very soon we can find ourselves becoming overwhelmed with lists of ‘things’...

Young boy moving out of home. Image:

Five tips for moving out of home

by Loren Howarth Whether you’re moving out of home for some independence, or you’ve decided that on-campus accommodation isn’t for you, moving out of home is a big decision. You’ll have more responsibilities, plus your own...

University vs. Highschool.

The difference between uni and high school

by Loren Howarth First year: the year that you realise that university is actually nothing like high school. During your time at university you’ll learn how to do your washing, clean up after yourself, set deadlines and drown in assessments all at...

Shearers in the shed shearing sheep

Calling all tech savy students

From drones and biological sensors to robotics, if you’ve got an interest in technology or agriculture then this competition could be for you. CSU students are being encouraged to take part in a competition to develop practical, low-cost digital...

Woman socialising in the olden days with drinks in hands

Why you need to enjoy uni life while you can

All new students know the daunting feeling that comes with stepping onto campus for the first time or sitting through their first lecture and dreaming of graduation a few years down the track. But as most graduates will tell you, those four years...

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What you will and won’t miss about living on campus

by Loren Howarth If you’ve moved off campus this year into a share-house, your living by yourself, or even just back home, then you’ll probably notice a few changes. Some things you’ll miss like crazy (like walking to class) and some you’ll be glad...

Career Development Officer, Paul Worsfold giving advice to a student.

Ever heard of InterviewStream?

Landing a job interview is both exciting and nerve-racking. What if you stumble? Or say the wrong thing? Or worse, you get so nervous you can’t speak? I had no idea what to expect at my first job interview. I stumbled countless times, and left the...

Elite Athlete banner image

Elite Athlete #3: Lachlan Hinds

We’ve all heard of tennis, rugby league and AFL because they get plenty of publicity, but what about all the other sports you never hear about. What about cross-country skiing, rugby sevens, cycling and marathon swimming? I bet you didn’t know CSU...

CSU students at a university event on campus

10 things no one tells you about living on campus

You have a red hot ticket to the best parties of the year. University life is known for an excessive amount of parties, but living on campus doubles that figure. Not only are you close to the uni bar and all of the on campus events, but you’ll also...

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