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Preparing for a career after university

Preparing for a career after university

Career Development Officer, Paul Worsfold giving advice to a student.
Career Development Officer, Paul Worsfold giving advice to a student. Image: Mitchell Lamm

Final year students are quickly approaching the end of their university journey with graduation at the end of the year. But while one journey is ending, another one will begin, and now is the time to prepare what you will do as a career when you step out into the big scary world.

In order to get the job of your dreams, you need to lay the groundwork to get there. There is a lot more to do rather than just having your degree in your pockets.

Here is how you can boost your career prospects and end up with your dream job after you graduate from Charles Sturt University.

Perfect your Resume and CV

It might seem like a simple one but having a kick-ass resume and cover letter can really help. It will likely be the first thing that your future employer will see, and just like your outfit and a handshake at a job interview, first impressions count.

It is also an awesome chance to showcase just how had you have worked over the last few years, including all the experience you have had in your chosen field. You are awesome, show it.

Finally, you can show a little bit of your personality. Make your resume and cover letter unique and stand out. Your employer might be looking through 20 or more resume’s on any given day, so make yours one to be remembered.

Network, network and network some more

Making contacts with experts in your chosen field may just lead you to jump to the front of the queue. Having a few numbers in your phone, keeping in contact and showing your passion and enthusiasm can also go some way in aiding you find that job of your dreams.

It isn’t just the experts and the employers in the industry that you should try to make connections with. Your lecturers may also be in the loop, especially if they know exactly what and where you are looking to head after you graduate. I personally have been put in touch with several experts in the journalism field from just talking to my lecturers, and there is no reason why that wouldn’t work for you too.

Use the Charles Sturt University Careers service

Charles Sturt University has its own Careers service which you can use to help you prepare for your dream career once you graduate. These services include career development workshops, support finding work experience placements, booking personal appointments with our career development officers and offer tips on job applications, résumé writing, interview techniques and job search strategies. Click here to find out more on Career services.

Charles Sturt University isn’t the only resource you can use

EYCareers is another one-stop shop to find some useful career preparation webinars such as a tech career showcase, an online application and interview skills workshop and a session on careers in strategy and transactions. Click here to find out more about EYCareers.

You’ve worked hard over the last couple of years. Now is the time to start preparing and getting that job you’ve dreamed about.

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