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Throwback Thursday: Billie’s time on Bathurst campus

I was lucky enough to spend two years living on campus in Bathurst and it was one of the most enjoyable times of my life. I met so many amazing people and made the best friends. Charles Sturt has always put on amazing events for students and they...

Woman socialising in the olden days with drinks in hands

Why you need to enjoy uni life while you can

All new students know the daunting feeling that comes with stepping onto campus for the first time or sitting through their first lecture and dreaming of graduation a few years down the track. But as most graduates will tell you, those four years...

Two types of uni students: what will you be?

Two types of uni students: what will you be?

by Amy Carlon We’re all aware of the stereotypical uni students. First there’s the ones who care more about attending social events than studying. Then there’s the ones that are here solely for good grades. The question is – which are you? The study...

Quick and easy Halloween costumes

With Halloween having arrived and exam season coming to an end, it’s inevitable that a costume will somehow be involved in whichever form of celebration you choose. Whether you decide to ‘trick or treat’, head to your best friends...

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