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Quick and easy Halloween costumes

Quick and easy Halloween costumes

With Halloween having arrived and exam season coming to an end, it’s inevitable that a costume will somehow be involved in whichever form of celebration you choose. Whether you decide to ‘trick or treat’, head to your best friends Halloween party, or head on over to the uni bar, you’re going to have to dress up in some way. But this can be kind of difficult when you’ve spent the past eight months studying hard at uni, and your savings have become almost non-existent. To top it off, you’re tired, you’re finally done with study and you just want to relax. So here are some seriously quick, easy, and free ideas for Halloween costumes, which can absolutely be thrown together last minute, giving you extra time to sleep in and enjoy your uni break.

Embrace the sheet
Not only is the humble bed sheet a uni student staple for the annual toga night, but it is also a versatile and super simple costume. Of course you can wear the sheet at a toga, adding some sandals and a headpiece if you’re feeling fancy, and go as a Roman. But you can also wrap the sheet around your waist and legs, securing with safety pins and some help from a friend, add a bikini top and you’re a mermaid! If you’re in a real pinch and you aren’t particularly attached to your sheet, you can also just cut out two eye holes and go as a ghost.

Cartoon characters
One of the best things about cartoon characters is how simple their outfits are, which make them a perfect option for a Halloween costume. I can almost guarantee that you can make at least one cartoon character costume with items you already have in your closet. Overalls and a yellow top? You’re a minion! Red striped shirt plus a red beanie? Where’s Wally?! Pair a flannel shirt with jeans, boots, and a few accessories and you can pass yourself off as Bob the Builder. If you’re really having trouble, try asking a friend or family member if they have any of the above items that you could pretty please borrow, and make sure you promise to bring them back clean.

Just one colour
This form of costume is for those who are truly desperate, lacking time, and devoid of creativity. Although they are very simple costumes, these may take some explaining to other people at the party / bar / lolly bowl. One plus side is that this can definitely be achieved by any person who owns clothes of any kind. It’s pretty all-encompassing. To achieve this look, simply dress head to toe in one colour, just choose whatever you have the most of. All black? You’re a shadow. Blue? Sky or ocean. White? Obviously a ghost. Purple? Eggplant. Red? Throw on a green hat and you can be a strawberry. If these don’t suit, come up with some of your own colour-related objects to explain your costume.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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