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Why you need to enjoy uni life while you can

Why you need to enjoy uni life while you can

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Why you need to enjoy uni life while you can

All new students know the daunting feeling that comes with stepping onto campus for the first time or sitting through their first lecture and dreaming of graduation a few years down the track.

But as most graduates will tell you, those four years pass in the blink of an eye. Aside from them providing a transition into your fully-fledged adult life (cough cough); university provides some of the best memories. So here are a few reasons to enjoy your time at uni while you can.

There is a bar on campus.

The benefits of having a bar within walking distance are endless for all uni students. Apart from the obvious, it means you have a guaranteed safe way home after a night of partying. You can either trek across campus to your accommodation or catch the uni bus home.

You also have access to live music as well as discounts right on campus. This is something you’ll appreciate when you’re forced to buy full price concert tickets after graduation.

Napping is encouraged.

Although napping is usually kept for pre-school kids, this pass time is also necessary at uni. Every spare moment between classes is used to catch up on sleep. One of the even greater things is that you won’t be judged for napping in the library, or falling asleep during a lecture.

The celebrations are endless.

Help me im poor

Off campus parties, uni nights, Friday unwinds, res balls, the list goes on. There seems to be no end to the celebrations for uni students. Which makes it easy to have a full social calendar without having to co-ordinate schedules and locations with your friends.

You don’t have to work full time.

One piece of advice: full-time work sucks. A lot. Except for the pay check. Put it this way, when you graduate, you have to get a real job. And work really long hours. Five days a week. And when you’re finished work, you don’t have the time or energy to do anything else. And a two day weekend? Who even invented that?

Live it up people, uni is the best time of your life and it just doesn’t last long enough.


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