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Two types of uni students: what will you be?

Two types of uni students: what will you be?

by Amy Carlon

We’re all aware of the stereotypical uni students. First there’s the ones who care more about attending social events than studying. Then there’s the ones that are here solely for good grades. The question is – which are you?

The study nerd vs. the partier

Are you that student that goes out twice a week and parties like a majority of first-years (most second years too)? Or do you spend the majority of your time focusing solely on studying and taking care of your health by getting rest and staying fit?

The prepared vs. the crammer

Are you a last minute crammer who submits their assignments at 11:59pm? Or are you the student who prepares for exams a month prior and hands in assessments a week early (if that’s even possible)?

The organised vs. the unorganised

Are you the motivated student who is always prepared, arrives 10 minutes early to every class? Or do you disrupt the class every lesson by running late? And sometimes you even decide against showing up because you’ve wasted that much time.

The involved vs. the uninvolved 

Are you the one who takes up every opportunity to get involved with the University such as joining the social committee or signing up for SRC? Or would you rather spend your time catching up on your favourite TV show and just attend the event instead?

The attended vs. the missing 

One of the most common differentiators between uni students. Are you the student who attends all non-compulsory classes to learn as much as possible? Or would you rather sleep in and catch up later? Because P’s get degree’s.

Throughout your time at uni you might be all types of uni students. Which is totally fine. In your first year you’ll probably be the social butterfly. And in the second year, you might focus on your studies a little more. It will benefit you in the long run if you find a good balance between focusing on your studies and also learning when you need a rest.

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