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National Stress Awareness Day

''I love a good bit of stress. I’m writing this a month out from my end of year exams and that little extra bit of stress is keeping me bright as a button and really focused for long stretches of the day. Although it is hard at the moment, it is...

Meet online nursing student, Bronte Mullins

For everyone studying, being able to manage stress levels and fit exercise into your study schedule is so important. I would highly recommend pilates to help with stress and energy levels.

How to do nothing

Ok, so I know what you’re thinking: “Uh, I’m pretty much an expert at that already, thanks; I happen to be doing nothing right now, instead of studying”. But did you know that doing nothing is actually really good for you? And also, you’re reading –...

Students sitting on the grass in a circle talking

Address your exam anxiety and stress

Have you ever found yourself so overwhelmed you couldn’t study for your exams? We’ve got some advice to help you address your exam anxiety and stress. Learn more by registering for one of our workshops on ‘Addressing Exam Anxiety and...

Minimalist life hacks

Being a minimalist means cutting back on the hustle, bustle and unnecessary noise of life to bring things back to basics and bare necessities. There are a few easy ways to help you make this adjustment in your lifestyle as a student. You might even...

Enjoying the sun.

#BetterInRed: Five ways to keep stress in check

We all like to think we’re on top of things, but chances are that sometimes being a uni student will be stressful. You might be trying to balance your social life, class schedule and part-time job, or you could be an online student trying to juggle...

Students sitting on the grass in a circle talking

Prepare for exams and reduce your stress

Do you put in extreme study hours for your exams? Or perhaps studying makes you so anxious you procrastinate instead? Get ready for your exams early so you don’t get overwhelmed with everything you have to do. Here’s CSU Student Counsellor Katie...

Get yourself exam-ready

Get yourself exam-ready

Exam time has rolled around again. Everyone handles the preparation and pressure of exams differently.
Television student Maddie Catanzaro caught up with some students on campus to see how they plan for the final assessments.


Yoga for stress

By Vicki Ruehmkorff Vicki is a CSU student and certified yoga teacher There are many things that come with being a student, and from time to time, stress is likely to be one of them. This can lead to anxiety, depression, muscle pain, high blood...

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