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Address your exam anxiety and stress

Address your exam anxiety and stress

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Have you ever found yourself so overwhelmed you couldn’t study for your exams? We’ve got some advice to help you address your exam anxiety and stress. Learn more by registering for one of our workshops on Addressing Exam Anxiety and Stress‘ on Tuesday 1 and Wednesday 2 October. Spots are booking out fast, so get in quick.

Get in early

A month might seem like a long time to review your study materials for exams. Look at all your activities in the lead-up to your exams. Think about your classes, commitments, sleeping, eating. There is less time than you think!

Make a balanced plan for when you can study around these activities. Be realistic about the number of hours of study you can do.

Have guilt-free relaxation

Set aside some time for “guilt-free” social and relaxation activities. Watch your favourite TV show or have coffee with a friend. Studying non-stop will result in study burnout and higher stress.

Practice mindfulness and relaxation techniques

Learn and practice calming techniques, such as controlled breathing. The Office for Students has Relaxation and Mindfulness resources to help you get started. Get familiar with these techniques early so you can use them if you panic when you study or in the exam room.

Keep negative thinking in check

Negative thoughts interfere with your ability to focus on preparing for your exam. Try to take a step back from these thoughts by writing them down. Decide if they are helpful, important or even true and if you want to pay attention to them.

Looking for additional support options? Book an appointment and talk to a CSU Student Counsellor

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