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Minimalist life hacks

Minimalist life hacks

Being a minimalist means cutting back on the hustle, bustle and unnecessary noise of life to bring things back to basics and bare necessities.

There are a few easy ways to help you make this adjustment in your lifestyle as a student. You might even be able to make some money out of it!

#1 Clothes

World: Excess clothing is a problem for most students. We have our favourite items of clothing and we wear them over and over, while we let other things sit in our cupboard until we eventually throw them out.

Every ten minutes, 6 tonnes of clothing gets put into landfill across Australia.

Minimalist: Instead of throwing out your excess clothing, put them into piles of donation and selling. If anything is too damaged to donate, turn it into cleaning rags!

#2 Wallet

World: We all hate the weight of a purse or wallet filled with coins and bulging from loyalty cards.

Minimalist: Go through your wallet and put all your coins in an empty coffee container or glass jar. This can be your treat jar – all the silver coins will add up, trust me!

Then put all your loyalty cards that you don’t use in a safe place. You have literally lightened your load!

#3 Phone

World: We get so caught up in our phones and social media accounts that even fun catch-ups turn into posting selfies and messaging more than speaking to each other.

The other day, my friend said that if his phone died by lunch time, his afternoon and evening were ruined. He would stress over not getting replies or missing a new vine or celebrity tweet.

Steve Jobs suggests getting an old Nokia phone and ditching the smartphone entirely, however I love my smartphone camera and maps so I suggest a different solution.

Minimalist: Cut back for a month on your social media accounts. Tell your friends that your mobile number is the only way for them to reach you.

You’ll be surprised at how fast you can determine who your real friends are and how many more memories you can make without your smartphone getting in the way!

#4 Emails

World: I frequently go into my email account and delete a multitude of subscription emails every morning.

Minimalist: Instead of going through this ritual once or twice a day, just click that unsubscribe button and reduce that incessant daily load of notifications on your brain!

#5 Mess

World: Don’t have your bedside table cluttered with things for your head to stress about at night.

Minimalist: Clear off your desk, work with minimal clutter around you and your brain will be way more focused!


Finally, remember to slow down and breathe. Listen to some calming music on your commute to campus, go for a quiet ten minute walk each evening or at twilight.

I look forward to you having a more clutter free, calm lifestyle!

This is an SSAF funded initiative
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