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First Week Forecast

When I stepped onto campus on my first day of uni, I thought I was pretty prepared. I’d been to about a million CSU My Days, study days, and excursions on campus. I’d been day dreaming about my hectic uni schedule since kindergarten...

10 ways to ensure your Summer is sorted

Has your intense Uni schedule finally come to an end for another year? Are you at home twiddling your thumbs because you have no idea what to do with your time? Don’t waste another minute! We have 10 ways to keep you occupied this Summer!

Dear HSC results - come at me bro.


By Emily Foy-Brown After years of boring material (I’m talking to you algebra – WHY DO YOU EVEN EXIST?), trying to stay awake in class, highlighting textbooks in their entirety, homework (or excuses) and of course the hormonal friends...

Capturing your favourite uni memories

Last time you were at the uni bar and used your phone camera to capture a moment of your life, did it not quite turnout how you would have liked? Here’s a guide to capturing your best uni memories with your phone.


How many times have you asked someone how their week went and heard them reply ‘Oh, it was just fine’? What do you say next? Thursday 10 September is World Suicide Prevention Day – better known as R U OK Day, a cause very relevant to all CSU...

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