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Three reasons why you should join CSUSocial

Three reasons why you should join CSUSocial

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Groups, groups and more groups.

We’ve got the People who always have to spell their names for other people group, the I just entered my room and forgot what I wanted group and the I feel my phone vibrate when it didn’t, and when it did, I don’t feel it group.

Now we’ve got the CSUSocial group. #grouptastic

CSUSocial is a group for CSU students only. It’s an online space for you to share ideas, ask questions and discover what your peers are saying about university. If that’s not a good enough reason for you to join, here are three more.

  1. CSUSocial is a place where you can make friends

    Even if the extent of your new relationship is to tag one another in posts, CSUSocial is the place where real friendships can be made. You’ll be able to network with peers from your course, students from other disciplines, online students, on campus students and international students.

    If you have Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO), CSUSocial is your cure. You’ll never have to worry about missing the latest Student News or Events. CSUSocial is
    your space to stay in the loop with all things student-related.

  2. CSUSocial is a secure, exclusive space just for CSU students

    Everyone in the group must first verify their student credentials, so you can feel comfortable that you’re among friends.To join this totally exclusive group and feel a little special, you just need to follow these steps:- Find the CSUSocial widget on the Student Portal (look for the below image)
    – Follow the prompts to enter your Facebook log in details. The CSUSocial Facebook group will open in a new window, make sure you click “Join”.

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  3. CSUSocial is a distractionAfter all, study is all about balance.

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Join CSUSocial –  the Facebook group just for CSU students.

This is an SSAF funded initiative
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