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Find your tribe: Online groups to join at uni

Online study can feel pretty isolating at times. Unlike on-campus students, there isn’t really a physical place that you can go to congregate with your peers. However, there is a way to ‘find your tribe’ of like-minded students. To start off, find...

Find your people: join a Facebook group today

It is important to connect with people no matter where or how you are studying. With a strong support network, the tough Uni journey will become bearable and more enjoyable! Here are our top three Facebook groups that you should join today to get...

Three reasons why you should join CSUSocial

Groups, groups and more groups. We’ve got the People who always have to spell their names for other people group, the I just entered my room and forgot what I wanted group and the I feel my phone vibrate when it didn’t, and when it did, I don’t feel...

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