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Find your people: join a Facebook group today

Find your people: join a Facebook group today

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It is important to connect with people no matter where or how you are studying. With a strong support network, the tough Uni journey will become bearable and more enjoyable! Here are our top three Facebook groups that you should join today to get connected:

1. CSUSocial:

CSUSocial is a group for all things CSU, no matter what, how or where you are studying! In this group you can post questions to your fellow peers, ask for advice from experts or CSU alumni and respond to other students’ posts. It’s the most relatable CSU online space where you get connected with other students, find study resources and stay up-to-date with university life.

2. International students:

CSU International students is a group for any international students who are studying on a CSU campus. This is a space for you to share your experiences, ask questions and connect with students and staff. This means you get to meet students from different backgrounds and support each other as you are travelling through similar experiences with living abroad.

3. Mentoring groups:

Student Mentoring Facebook groups are specific to your course and are available to help you transition into Uni smoothly. All course mentors are experienced students who understand what it’s like to balance life and study. Each of them have experienced the highs and the lows within their course and are there to help you find the answers to any questions that you have. Mentoring is also open to all students, whether you are studying on campus or online.

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