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Ways to connect at uni this session

It’s important to remember that lectures and assessments aren’t the only aspects of uni life. Being social is also super important. Whether you are studying online or on campus, there are plenty of ways to meet people! Facebook groups...

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Social isolation risks and the importance of keeping in touch

Prior to the onset of COVID-19, global loneliness levels had reached an all-time high. According to the Australian Psychological Society’s 2018 Loneliness Report, one in four Australians are lonely and more than half of the population feel they...

Find your people: join a Facebook group today

It is important to connect with people no matter where or how you are studying. With a strong support network, the tough Uni journey will become bearable and more enjoyable! Here are our top three Facebook groups that you should join today to get...

How to connect with your classmates online

How to connect with your classmates online

by Amy Carlon Do you find it hard to build relationships with other people in your course online? Not being face-to-face or on-campus may make it difficult to connect, but don’t let that stop you! Here are my top three ways to better connect...

The power of social media to boost your career

The power of social media to boost your career

by Amy Carlon Social media can be a powerful platform for communication with others, especially those you have not met yet. For example, CSU’s group CSUSocial that was started up this year is amazing for connecting with people all over who are...

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