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#BetterInRed Red Runner Wes with his red shoe laces.

#BetterInRed: Why warm up?

Dr Cheyne Donges from the School of Exercise Science, Sport and Health argues the case for warming up before intense exercise. Think about what it is that you are doing before you exercise. Driven to the gym? Slept all night long? Sat at your desk...

#BetterInRed shoe laces

#BetterInRed: How can i track my progress?

Tracking progress over time can help keep you motivated and according to Dr Cheyne Donges from the School of Exercise Science, Sport and Health the best way to do it is to start with a baseline measurement. Your progress over time is a very...

CSU Bushpigs goal shooter goes up for a shot.

#BetterInRed: How hard should i push myself?

Whether you’re looking for permission to go slow and steady or for an excuse to ramp up the intensity from day one, the question of how hard to push yourself is a common one. But according to Dr Cheyne Donges from CSU’s School of Exercise Science...

#BetterInRed: Why should I exercise anyway?

“Exercise is good for you.” “Do some exercise, you’ll feel better.” We hear these phrases all the time, but have you ever wondered why exercise is actually so good for you? Need to know the scientific reasons why you should get off the couch before...

illustration of various exercise forms

Exercise for the Unmotivated

We all know that exercise is good for you, and there are loads of great benefits for both your mental and physical health. But we also know how hard it is to drag ourselves out of the cosy warmth of our beds for those pesky 9am lectures, let alone...

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