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Tips for buying textbooks

Purchasing textbooks can often add up to an expensive shopping trip. The beginning of the session sees students spending a large amount of money on textbooks, so here are some tried and tested strategies to help trim your textbook bill. CSU Library...

May the funds be with you

10 hot tips for scholarship success

Accommodation, transport, and textbooks – the inevitable costs that come with study. These fees can add up to an unexpected figure, leaving you with only one option for lunch and dinner: two minute noodles. This is when scholarships and grants come...

Girl holding jar full of coins for adventures

Ways of making money to avoid

Trying to balance the demands of uni, bills and filling your tummy can often leave you tempted by quick financial fixes. But be careful with how you cut back. While there are handy money making tips that work, there are also some to avoid. Instead...

How to make money and keep it

Making money (and saving it) is one of our biggest desires and simultaneously one of the most difficult aspirations to satisfy. How can you make money, save that money and study, all at the same time as juggling relationships and having a social...

Clothing used for acting students

Fashion on a budget

by Loren Howarth With the cost of textbooks and uni events throughout the year, it’s not often you’ll find spare change to make a fashion statement. But don’t fear, I have some tips that will help you look great on a budget, in no time at all. Op...

Could you save on your HECS?

Could you save on your HECS?

Studying maths, science, teaching, nursing, midwifery or early childhood? You need to know about the HECS-HELP Benefit! This is a special shout-out to all maths, science, nursing, midwifery and early childhood students, particularly those who might...

Are you paying for your banking?

Are you paying for your banking?

There are a numerous ways financial institutions could be charging you for services. The amounts might seem small and not worth worrying about, but added together could represent a spending leak that creates a hole in your budget. And let’s...

CSU’s Wellness and Wellbeing Expo is nearly here!

CSU’s Wellness and Wellbeing Expo is nearly here!

The 2016 Wellness and Wellbeing Expo starts this week. Coming to a campus near you, the expo includes loads of great information, freebies and demonstrations that can help you improve your finances, relationships and nutrition, or develop strategies...

Student internet allowance cheaper than 2015

Internet use just got cheaper

Student internet data download charges on campus are getting cheaper for 2016. The cost of data has dropped to 88 cents for each gigabyte (GB) downloaded during the peak period of 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. On top of that saving, there will also...

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