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Fashion on a budget

Fashion on a budget

Clothing used for acting students
Clothing used for acting students

by Loren Howarth

With the cost of textbooks and uni events throughout the year, it’s not often you’ll find spare change to make a fashion statement. But don’t fear, I have some tips that will help you look great on a budget, in no time at all.

Op shops

Op shops often contain unexpected surprises, so don’t be afraid to dig through the racks of hidden treasure. Imagine, a red vintage Levis jacket for just $12 and sometimes they even have days where everything is $2 or less. As well as scoring yourself a bargain, proceeds often help out vulnerable people and fund community projects. So you’ll find new staple items for your wardrobe as well as helping out your community.


Markets are a good opportunity to buy cheap clothes that other people no longer want. Check your local council website, social media or community newspaper to find the next market day, grab some friends, and make a great day out of it.

Exchange clothes

This is an easy way to find clothing without actually spending any money. Organise to meet up with your friends or roommates once a month to trade clothes and accessories (you’ll both love it!). This way you can get a fresh new wardrobe and get rid of items that have served you well.

Online shopping

Online shopping is convenient as you don’t need to lift a finger or leave the comfort of your home. Online clothing outlets often have a variety of styles and daily discounts up to 50 per cent off. From my experience I know you’ll find something for your next night out!


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