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How to make money and keep it

How to make money and keep it

Making money (and saving it) is one of our biggest desires and simultaneously one of the most difficult aspirations to satisfy. How can you make money, save that money and study, all at the same time as juggling relationships and having a social life? I talked to a few students who had some fantastic ideas on how to do just that.

Get a summer job

Working during summer holiday’s will increase your chance of having work once the next round of holidays arrive, as you’ll already have the experience. Though it primarily applies to students who move away from home to access study, it is one of the best ways to secure a consistent job across holidays between sessions.

Be smart

Some very easy, smart and simple ways to make money include: house sitting, walking dogs, babysitting, pet sitting, signing up as an Uber driver, delivering pizza, selling your clothes or hosting a garage sale. If you have a garage sale, a handy tip would be to buy things at other garage sales for cheap and sell them for small a profit. This can be tedious but it’s definitely rewarding, and hey we are uni students, right?

Buy cheap

Home brand food is often seen as poor quality. However, it is significantly cheaper and there is rarely a noticeable difference in the taste. A very notable quote from one of our very own students, Denver Naude, was that “you’re not better than home brand. Accept that and just move on.”

Shop online

If you’re a shop-a-holic, it will pay to shop online rather than in store. The prices are often significantly lower and you’ll get the luxury of looking at the clothes from the comfort of your couch. You can even ‘add to cart’ to get that feeling of satisfaction and then not actually purchase anything.

Set goals

Matilda Murphy, another CSU student, believes that it’s all about saving money rather than making it, “as long as you have money coming in, and you’re saving around about half your pay cheque each time, you’re going to be saving.”

If you find yourself struggling to save money, set yourself a goal like buying a new pair of shoes or if you’re really daring, a car. Setting these goals will motivate you to save your money rather than spending it on yet another late night Maccas run.

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