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Ways of making money to avoid

Ways of making money to avoid

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Jar of money: for adventures

Trying to balance the demands of uni, bills and filling your tummy can often leave you tempted by quick financial fixes. But be careful with how you cut back. While there are handy money making tips that work, there are also some to avoid.

Instead of making these common mistakes in your desire for a thick wallet, use these tips to keep a balance in your life between money coming in and money going out.

Working loads of hours

Working long hours can seem like an obvious solution to a lack of cash. But you need to consider your priorities before taking on too much work. More work means less time to study, sleep, go to class, see friends and family, and look after your health.

Aside from sacrificing your well-being and social life, you could impact your studies. Textbooks, learning materials, and even stationery leave a big hole in your pocket. If you’re over-working yourself and leaving no time for uni work, you may find yourself forking out all of your hard-earned money again because you didn’t get the grades. Try to find a healthy work and study balance.

Cutting back on essentials

If your purse strings are tight it’s common to cut back on spending. No morning coffees, no hitting the town and a diet consisting of two minute noodles. You’ll save money, but if you’re too strict on your diet you’ll feel a lot worse.

Instead of cutting out essentials, cut out luxuries and limit how much you spend by purchasing home brand products. If you’re living plan is catered for, take full advantage. Even if you don’t like what’s being served.

Buy vegetables like carrots and potatoes – these are cheap and healthy. Stick to recipes that have few ingredients, but are high in carbs and protein to keep you full.

Keep in mind this won’t be forever and these sacrifices will help you in the long run.

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