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An opportunity of a lifetime representing Charles Sturt at Uni Nationals

An opportunity of a lifetime representing Charles Sturt at Uni Nationals


Do you like sport, socialising and holidays? Uni Nationals allows you to travel the country with some of your best mates, playing a sport that you love. Read about why Zoe joined the Charles Sturt Football team below!

Written by Zoe Jenkins

The event of the year, Uni Nationals, involves universities across Australia competing in numerous sports.

It is a lifetime opportunity to get involved and represent your university and meet new people who have similar interests. Especially at Charles Sturt, getting to know students from other campuses and creating a connection with them.

Reflecting on the reason I wanted to be a part of Uni Nationals stems from my childhood, and love for sport.

I remember my Mum reminiscing about her experiences at Uni Nationals as one of the most memorable experiences uni life has to offer and how, to this day, she continues to be very close friends with her netball team.

I knew I wanted to be a part of this vibrant community.

I was able to fulfil this ambition by representing Charles Sturt last year at Uni Nationals in the women’s football team held at the Gold Coast.

An amazing week spent playing a game I love with friends on a holiday at the Gold Coast and socialising when we weren’t playing.

The highlight of my year with an unreal atmosphere and all students getting around and supporting each team.

The football teams got along very well, supporting each other and cheering each other on, making the atmosphere and spirit of the week amazing to be a part of.

Whether it was playing games, riding the e-bikes, wearing Mexican hats or recovery sessions by the pool, ice bath or beach it all made for an enjoyable week.

Socialising with the team!

This year Uni Nationals will be held in Canberra and everyone is excited to be reunited on the football field and have a blast!

There are numerous sports to choose from and there is no harm in trialling as everyone is really supportive. [Trials are now over for 2024]

Charles Sturt is understanding of the struggles that can be faced by attempting to balance academics with extracurricular activities, and may be open to offering letters of support to ensure students can obtain extensions or miss compulsory classes allowing for full engagement in this enriching experience.

One of my proud achievements was scoring a cracking header in the last minute of the last game. A moment that meant so much to be able to share the experience with my friends. As much as we loved to win we also had fun just being a part of Uni Nationals.

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